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Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM)

Customizable end to end ECM solutions to meet all your business needs.

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Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM)

Customizable end to end ECM solutions to meet all your business needs

Today, a large number of businesses see an explosion in the amounts of data across the organization, while there is also the need to store data for extended periods of time, due to regulations imposed by governments. There exists both structured and unstructured data, which overflows in large volumes and is often spread out across different locations, multiple websites and multiple media types. This makes management of content an incredibly high priority for organizations.

While content management was traditionally considered to be a time consuming and costly affair, GPInfoTech addresses both these issues. Out comprehensive suite of ECM solutions make it easy to save, categorize and retrieve data, on demand. By making use of open source software and modern tools, we are able to keep the costs down, while also structuring effectively the ecosystem of knowledge and assets in an organization.

Thanks to our innovative and robust ECM solutions, we help organizations in gaining control over large amounts of content, without the need of having to migrate to new and costly software tools or applications.

Our Capabilities

We offer end to end and comprehensive ECM solutions, which are customizable to suit the needs and requirements of individual clients. Our capabilities in electronic content management include the following:

  • Electronic Document Management:  

    Our Electronic Document Management System, based on the open source software, Alfresco, allows us to offer low cost enterprise content management solutions. Our web applications help in the capturing, sharing and retention of content with ease. Compatible with both Open Office and Microsoft Office, Alfresco allows users can continue working with the tools they know the best, without having to   migrate to new tools or applications. This incredibly simple workflow integration allows users to search, build, share, save, audit and create versions of content applications, without any hassles.

  • Web Content Management:  

    Our Web Content Management systems, also based on Alfresco, allow the creation of next generation websites, which greatly facilitate customer engagement. We make use of commodity hardware and software which allows massive scalability at a low cost. Our reusable web scripts enables mass contributions, both from external and internal users and is also highly flexible. With website publishing based on multiple tier deployment architectures; all transactional content can be deployed to either static or to runtime repositories, offering high architectural flexibility for web applications.

  • Records Management:

    Our Records Management systems offer end to end functionality, including capturing, classification, controlling and disposing of all types of corporate records. Unlike traditional record management systems, the Alfresco solution offers incredibly user friendly web interfaces, which are accessible from any location through the CIFS standard. Offering support for multiple users, the interface is as easy to use as a shared network drive or an IMAP email application, which provides drag and drop functionality for records.

  • Microsoft SharePoint:

    Our ECM solutions are completely compatible with Microsoft SharePoint, which allows for added ease of sharing, organization and discovery of information. Many organizations already make use of SharePoint so as to address challenges related to information management and knowledge management. By offering compatible solutions, we help improve collaboration and discoverability, while also offering business insights and improved lifecycle management.

Why GPInfoTech

At GPInfoTech, we believe in offering robust ECM solutions, which can help address every challenge that is related to management of content. Unlike traditional content management applications and software, we make use of Alfresco, an open source and highly intuitive solution, which is based on modern architecture. This allows us to offer a highly modern content platform, one which uses sophisticated tools and is capable of powering next generation websites and enables scalable collaboration.

Our customizable ECM solutions are based on the distinct needs and requirements of our clients, which allow for the following:

  • Businesses can continue using the tools and applications they work with best, while having ready access to services and resources. This allows for more effective decision making, allowing businesses to be highly competitive.
  • By using open source tools, we offer solutions at a relatively low cost, enabling the optimization of collective knowledge value in an organization.
  • Our systems are completely secure and compliant with regulations, meaning that information, data, files and emails will be completely protected – at cost effective rates.