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Internet of Things

Reliable and secure services, connecting devices to the Internet of Things.

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Internet of Things

Reliable and secure services, connecting devices to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolution that is transforming industries all over the world. The IoT can be thought of as a system, which links smart objects and devices to the Internet, allowing for bidirectional transfer of data. This way, data exchange occurs seamlessly and users can gain information about devices in a secure manner.

There are already over 9 billion smart devices connected to the IoT today, and this number is rapidly growing as more and more organizations look to use IoT technologies for various purposes, including tracking of customers, products, supply chains and premises. Given that the Internet of Things is fairly new, organizations face a lot of challenges, including managing the complexities of connecting to different types of smart devices and integrating the data received from these devices with the data from other sources.

In order to derive value out of the Internet of Things, businesses should look to improve upon integration of data and develop an intelligent infrastructure and this cannot be done by simply connecting to devices on the network. True business value can only be achieved by gaining insight on the data received using analytics and software and this can in turn be used to enhance productivity, generate newer revenue streams and create newer business models.

At GPInfotech, we understand the complexities that organizations face in creating a smart and intelligent infrastructure of connected devices to the Internet. We offer a range of customized solutions, so as to help our clients to manage, connect to and control devices which were previously unconnected. We also partner with our clients to analyze and integrate the data received from devices to help transform existing business processes and to enhance the customer and overall business experience.

Our Capabilities

Here, at GPInfotech, we have a skilled team of IT experts, who can help clients across various challenges related to implementing IoT. Our capabilities include:

Why choose GPInfotech

GPInfotech is a global service provider of IT consulting and technology services. We boast of a team of highly qualified and talented IT professionals, who have the necessary skills and the expertise to be able to assist clients across any business scenario. We take pride in understanding our client’s business situation and we strive to deliver services and solutions which make a difference.

While we have great domain expertise across most technologies and development platforms, we also understand how the platform of the Internet of Things is set to change the way businesses operate. Our proficiency in the IT domain enables us to help clients gain data driven insight and use this data to drive business actions effectively. We help securely collect and integrate data and also provide analysis to help businesses gain a competitive edge in the market.

By partnering with us, clients can transform their business processes completely. We can help clients realize the benefits of the Internet of Things through the following: